Gentle Droplet Biology
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OneFlowTM & ModaflowTM : high-throughput gentle droplet biology down to single-cell precision.

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Offering advanced capabilities in the gentle
encapsulation of biological materials from single cells to spheroids.


With zero dead volume, our instrument allows processing 100% of the injected sample, making it particularly interesting for rare materials.


Our droplet technology provides a crucial shield, protecting cells from mechanical stress and ensuring high viability;


A highly flexible hardware and software, facilitates the integration of encapsulation, multiplexing of up to 5 colours and functional sorting.

Thank you again for the LiveDrop demo last week. We greatly appreciated the overall experience! Fast priming protocol and robustness of the priming method - Easy recovery of the generated emulsion - Low dead volume - Real-time visual monitoring of the droplet generation process I greatly appreciated the expertise of both colleagues, as well as their dedication to adapt to our needs and planned experiments. Explanations were always clear and detailed.

Post doc researcher - Sweden

Hit discovery for antibodies was mainly achieved by hybridoma technology and from libraries displayed by phage, yeast, or mammalian cells. Despite these methods being streamlined and successful, drawbacks and lack of delivery of hits is common for membrane proteins. The development of microfluidic technologies such as ModaFlow™ with the ability to compartmentalise cells within picoliter droplets will revolutionise the screening and the discovery of binders through the pre-screening of IgG secreting B cells followed by the co-incubation of B cells with cells expressing the target of interest.

Chief Scientific Officer
Pharma Industry, Belgium

Modaflow is great because it brings microfluidic droplets to any academic lab in a few hours of training. With all the possible applications at hand and a follow up team able to shape the product to the lab’s request. ModaFlow allows me to saves a lot of time everyday to set-up an experiment and adjust all the variables around it. I am able to screen, sort and collect droplets faster than on a home-made station.

Liège University, Belgium