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You already have quite some experience in Microfluidics and droplet technologies. The most effective way to experience the capabilities of our technology is through live testing. We are delighted to offer our assistance in preparing this demonstration to maximize the likelihood of success. We have introduced the concept of a 'Happy Live Demo Agreement' to outline each step and requirement comprehensively. This agreement covers important aspects such as confidentiality, rights to use proof of concepts generated during the test for marketing purposes, and other crucial details to ensure the satisfaction of all parties involved.

Our team of Microfluidics Bioengineers capitalizes on over 30 years of expertise, and our exceptional environment and infrastructure serve as fantastic assets for transforming your challenges into solutions. Contact us immediately at or +32 378 63 31 to initiate a live interaction.

Microfluidics-Bioengineer Experts + YOU

In our initial exchange, we will work with you to clarify essential information, such as your main objectives, whether it's gaining viability, improving reproducibility, developing a specific assay within droplets, creating a functional sorting assay, sorting very rare events/cells, or growing bacteria in droplets, among others.

Following this, we'll address technical and scientifically relevant points.

Together, we'll determine the best-adapted formula for your demo, whether it's on your site or at our demo center in Liège, Belgium.

A testimonial :

" Thank you again for the LiveDrop demo last week, we greatly appreciated the overall experience! Fast priming protocol and robustness of the priming method - Easy recovery of the generated emulsion - Low dead volume - Real-time visual monitoring of the droplet generation process. I greatly appreciated the expertise of both colleagues, as well as their dedication to adapt to our needs and planned experiments. Explanations were always clear and detailed. "



Spheroid Expert, Finland

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