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High Throughput Gentle Droplet Biology down to single-cell precision.
LiveDrop instruments represent the next generation in droplet experimentation, offering integrated benchtop solutions for high throughput and versatile experiments.
• Versatile encapsulation or co-encapsulation down to single-cell.
• Precise analysis and sorting based on up to 5 fluorescence detection channels.
• Smart pico-injection for multi-step bioassays.

Key benefits
• High-throughput droplet encapsulation, down to the single-cell level.
• No dead volume: the sample is used from the first down to the very last cell.
• Optimised with LiveDrop’s chips and compatible with other chip formats.
• Real-time observation and video documentation of ongoing processes.
• Sensitive detection of rare events.
• Wide range of droplet sizes available, adapted to your specific needs.
• Versatile and intuitive programming options.
• Super fast learning curve facilitated by online assistance and user-friendly interfaces.
• Bioassay development assistance.
• Upgradable optical set-up with up to 4 lasers and 5 photodetectors
• & more...

NB : our integrated microfluidic platforms feature a standardised frame and share the same user interface. The optical system is tailored to meet the specific requirements of each user.




High Quality / Throughout :
- Spheroids manufacturing
- Single Bacterial encapsulation
- Single cell  encapsulation

OnFlow machine image


High Quality / Throughout :
- Idem OneFlow +
- Functional Testing (3 or 5 colors)
- Sorting

ModaFlow image


Plastics and reagents
Standard and Custom Cartridges
Neutral Oil

Contract Bioassay Development

Cell Dispensing

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Consumables and accessories

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