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LiveDrop's mission is to bring the revolutionary robustness of droplet biology to cell biology and microbiology studies, making it accessible in every biology lab while setting new industry standards. Committed to reducing costs, environmental impacts, and animal harm, we strive to contribute to a more sustainable and responsible approach in advancing scientific research.

Despite the evident benefits of droplet bioassays over the past decades, the Life Sciences sector still lacks a robust solution for developing assays in microfluidic lab settings that seamlessly transition to industrial standards. LiveDrop has pioneered an integrated platform comprised of top-quality components and a user-friendly interface, bridging the gap between R&D and real-world applications that demand stringent standardisation.  OneFlowTM and ModaFlowTM establishes a new pinnacle for high-end benchtop standards, fulfilling the aspirations of every biology laboratory seeking excellence in single-cell and 3D cell culture droplet assays.

January 2024
LiveDrop contributes in ATMP developments in Belgium

LiveDrop' expertise and technology are actively sought after, making a meaningful contribution to the advancement of cutting-edge Gene and Cell Therapies, as well as Exosome and Phagotherapy developments.

We will be actively involved in the development of two pivotal studies during the next 3 years:
🎯FUNDROP: Cell therapy products, coordinated by Cellistic;
🎯EXOFASTTRACK: Accelerating the development of therapeutic candidates for rapid clinical evaluation, coordinated by Xomexbio + ExoBiologics.

November 2023
Happy Live Demo Center opens

At the core of our mission lies a deep commitment to our users. Your needs and experiences are our top priority, guiding us to create solutions that are not just intuitive and user-friendly but also tailored to meet your specific goals. Our belief in putting users first is further underscored by the recent opening of our new Demo Center at the GIGA Institute in Liège, Belgium.Here, in alignment with our 'Happy Live Demo Agreement,' we set clear objectives and share resources for testing bio-assay protocols in real-time. We're excited to welcome customers in optimal conditions, fostering an environment where collaborative exploration and innovation thrive. Your experience matters, and we're dedicated to creating products and features that elevate your scientific work to new heights.

International Presence 2024

We would be delighted to meet you at the upcoming events:

23-26/06/2024 - Edinburgh
28th ESACT Meeting

24-25/06/2024 - Rotterdam
Organoids  and Spheroids Europe
Lab-on-a-chip & Microfluidics Europe
Circulating  biomarkers & EV Europe

26-27/06/2024 - Basel
Futur  Labs

* and more to come.

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At our workplace, we champion enthusiasm, commitment, and quality communication just as much as any type of experience or diploma. We embrace a culture that values passion and dedication, recognising that these qualities are fundamental contributors to our success. Additionally, we are resolutely positioned to navigate the ongoing environmental, societal, and technological revolutions of the early 21st century, demonstrating our commitment to adaptability and forward-thinking in every aspect of our work.We are actively recruiting and always open to welcome spontaneous applications from individuals who share our values and are eager to contribute to our dynamic team.

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