Cell culture media to boost cell spheroids formation

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The composition of cell culture media significantly influences cell growth and spheroid formation. While some cell lines naturally form spheroids in standard media, others necessitate complex formulations for effective support. Furthermore, it's crucial to ensure that resulting spheroids are robust and remain intact during handling and recovery from droplets.

Fig 1: Impact of Cell Culture Medium on Spheroid Formation. (a) Standard cell culture medium resulted in loose spheroids for cell line A, while cell line B formed well-shaped and compact spheroids. (b) With the LiveDrop medium, cell line A exhibited dense and compact spheroids akin to those of cell line B.

We conducted experiments to assess the impact of different cell culture additives on inducing cell aggregation and facilitating the formation of dense, compact spheroids. In our comparison of two cell lines, we observed that under normal conditions, cell line A tended to form loose aggregates, whereas cell line B produced compact spheroids.

However, with our optimised cell culture medium containing specific additives, we achieved well-shaped and robust spheroids with cell line A. Screening for the optimal cell culture media for cell growth and spheroid formation is challenging. Nevertheless, by compartmentalizing cells in tiny droplets, we introduce a new approach for fast and cost-effective evaluation of various cell media formulations' efficacy in promoting spheroid formation. LiveDrop offers unique support and tools to researchers for optimizing cell culture media to enhance spheroid formation and recovery.

Results of Optimisation

  • Conduct rapid and sensitive in-drop assays to optimize cell culture media.
  • Investigate diverse media compositions to identify the most effective formulations.
  • Execute low-consumption reagent assays without dead volume.
  • Reduce the cost of spheroid production.
  • Conclusion

    The LiveDrop Gentle Encapsulation Module, integrated into the OneFlow and ModaFlow instruments, combined with LiveDrop's Cell Culture expertise, has surpassed client expectations by producing reproducible, stable, and high-quality spheroids.

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