High-throughput gentle cell sorting

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Cell sorting enables scientists to categorize cells based on their characteristics. Yet, the conventional method often causes mechanical stress, risking cell destruction. Here, we showcase how LiveDrop’s premium device, ModaFlow, sorts cells gently by encapsulating them within picodroplets. This innovative approach eliminates induced stress, significantly enhancing cell survivability post-sorting.


Cell sorting is pivotal in biological research and clinical settings, allowing the isolation and purification of specific cell populations from heterogeneous samples. Precisely segregating cells based on intrinsic properties like size, morphology, surface markers, or molecular signatures has transformed various fields, including immunology, cancer research, regenerative medicine, and drug discovery. Advancements in cell sorting technologies over recent decades have broadened researchers' options, offering improved efficiency, sensitivity, and versatility.

While Fluorescent-Activated Cell Sorting (FACS) remains the gold standard, its limitations are notable. FACS can only sort cells based on emitted fluorescence or fluorescence from bound fluorophores, thus restricting the study of cell secretomes or interactions. Additionally, FACS induces significant mechanical stress during sorting, potentially compromising cell viability and functionality.

LiveDrop Innovation

Encapsulating cells in individual droplets before sorting with the ModaFlow protects them from shearing forces applied during the procedure, significantly reducing the risk of cell death. As illustrated in Figure 1, ModaFlow sorts droplets based on the fluorescence emitted by encapsulated cells. Additionally, this method enables the study of cell secretion while being in droplets.

Figure 1: Evaluation of ModaFlow™ sorting efficiency using LiveDrop’s DVD system. Overlay images of fluorescence and bright field before and after gentle cell sorting. (a) Initial emulsion before cell sorting, where approximately 10% of droplets contained cells. (b) Sorted emulsion, with more than 99% of droplets containing at least one cell. (c) Discarded emulsion, containing less than 0.01% cells.


Sorting of cells with ModFlow


By sorting cells gently, the Modaflow, eliminates the risk of cell death caused by mechanical shearing during sorting. Improving the survivability of cells after flow cytometry dependent analysis. This innovative approach to cell sorting provides scientists a safer method to sort cells, assuring them to avoid the risk of cell loss during cell sorting.

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